Among the most desirable glass in the world, the Twisted Cane Line is classically-styled soft glass made by a three-person team using seven-hundred-year-old Venetian Glass Master Techniques!! The TWISTED HELICES and lines are made using the ZANIFIRICO CANE TECHNIQUE, where a mass of colored glass is pulled and twisted by hand to upwards of forty feet long!! Then, the canes are cut into pieces and fused together into a bubble or other shapes for other uses. The attachment areas are heated and the pieces are fused in a technique called INCALMO!!

Very few soft glass blowers in the WORLD can perform this highly technical, skilled work spinning glass in this manner. Decorative pieces using these techniques sell for thousands of dollars!!! Twisted Cane items in Limited Edition color runs.

The Sasquatch Glass 15″ Straight tube, like all Sasquatch Glass products, is handmade in the USA of the finest borosillicate designed by artists and produced by pharmaceutical glass blowers. With the now-famous Sasquatch Glass Lucky Dozen Perc-Stem, all the percolation one needs for a nice, smooth smoke, lies right here in this 3-piece set (tube, down stem, slide).

They come in an array of colors and styles from clear and basic to rasta swirls to color-lipped beauties. Like all Sasquatch Glass boro smoking vessels, available in clear, green, blue, pink or Sasquatch Glass Midnight and custom color designs.

Coming in at barely 8″ tall and needing only the tinsiest bit of water for an easy to use, cool smoking experience, it’s the little brother of the originall Sasquatch Glass. Look how cute? How can you say no to that face? It’s not bigfoot, it’s mini bigfoot. Available in clear, green, blue, pink and Sasquatch Glass Midnight.

3-piece set comes with tube, down stem(14mm male into 18mm female) and slide.

Sasquatch Glass can make virtually ANY scheme custom-color set, made by hand by our top museum quality artists.