With the modernity of today’s architectural home style, it is now a trend that homes are using glass garage doors. With the aesthetics that they produce, they are actually practical to use. Most houses with glass garage doors do not need to extend their lighting in their garage spaces. As a result of the use of glass, the natural lighting can enter people’s front yards. However, there is still a major question left there to be answered. Are they safe to use? Will it affect the temperature inside the house?

One thing to remember when using glass garage doors is the availability of the different types of glass. The windows that come with the majority of garage doors are so-called “standard” windows, either single- or double-pane. This is the same type of glass you’ll find in your home’s windows, front door and patio door. If you opt for a fully-glazed garage door, make sure to ask for tempered glass in the windows. In case of breakage, tempered glass shatters into a thousand pieces, just like auto glass. Standard glass, on the other hand, breaks into long shards, exposing you to the risk of serious injury.

Another thing to check is its construction. The durability of glass garage doors depends on how it was constructed. The support system of the garage door should be made of aluminum bars. It is important that the framing of the glass garage door is durable and strong as it will hold the entire glass. The weight of the glass should also be considered as the measurements of the aluminum support should be enough to handle the glass. You also need to make sure that you have the appropriate hardware for the weight of your door and that it’s solidly constructed.

Lastly, an expert should be the one to assist you in choosing the materials to use and in the construction process itself. There must be someone who can understand the complicated system of building a glass garage door to ensure the safety of it. in essence, glass garage doors are safe to use if it would undergo the appropriate process of construction.



Choosing which glassware to use is an important thing to do. Aside from enhancing your table presentation, it can also add to the elegance of your style and make ordinary dining to elegant and entertaining ones. Beyond the aesthetics, specialized glassware is created to complement the drink it is intended to serve. You would not want to have the same glass garage door as your wine glass right? Therefore there are different types of glass you have to consider when deciding what to use as your glassware.

Wine Glasses

Although wine glasses come in many different sizes, the cup portion or “bowl” is the most important aspect. The visual appeal, body of the wine and play of the aromas are all factors in choosing the correct glass. There are no hard, fast rules for serving wine, but the following standards are generally observed.

Red Wine – Traditionally, red wines with strong bouquets are served in the larger bowled wine glasses. The greater exposed surface gives these heady wines a good opportunity to breathe without losing the aroma.

White Wine – Lighter, more delicate white wines are served in taller glassware with a more narrow bowl that allows the bouquet to concentrate.

Champagne – The tall slender flute style glass is the best fit for champagne as it displays the sparkling quality of the bubbles at the best advantage. The low, wide open champagne glasses aren’t really practical as they are easily spilled and cause the champagne to go flat much more quickly.

Beer Glasses

While true beer enthusiasts will tell you that using any glass is preferable to drinking from the bottle or can, there are specific glasses for specific types of beer. Like wine, the shape of the glass will affect the aroma and subsequent overall enjoyment of the beer. Unlike in Europe where there are many different types of beer appreciated and thus many beer glass styles, American beer is typically served in mugs or pilsner glasses. A pilsner glass is the typical tall narrow glass with the slightly wider rim that you will see frequently used in bars. Lighter beers are traditionally served in pilsner glasses while darker, heavier brews are more compatible with mugs or steins.

Cocktail Glasses

There are countless numbers of cocktail concoctions and mixed drinks, but luckily most of these drinks are intended for a standard set of glasses.

Collins Glasses – Alternately referred to as tumblers, these 14-16 oz tall glasses are the right choice for soft drinks, whiskey sours, bloody marys and any juice-based cocktail such as the cranberry juice and vodka. The larger size of the glass complements the limited amount of alcohol content in these drinks. Most standard drinking glasses can be classified as Collins glasses.

Highball Glasses – At a slightly smaller 10-12 ounces, highball glasses are used for stronger mixed drinks such as the tequila sunrise, gin and tonic and long island iced tea. These are also commonly used when a “tall” version of a stronger drink is requested. Thin and elegant, the highball glass is a classy addition to any glassware collection.

Rocks Glasses – Also called “old-fashioned”, these small square shaped glasses are used to serve cocktails with a high alcohol content and little else, such as rum and coke, southern comfort or seven and seven. As can be inferred from their name, rocks glasses are also used to serve shots “on the rocks”.

Shot Glasses – As the name indicates, shot glasses are used for serving shots straight up. In addition, shot glasses can also be used to measure the amount of alcohol used in other mixed drinks and are a great addition to any bar, even if you don’t plan on serving shots.

Hurricane Glasses – A tall glass with a graceful curve in the center, Hurricane glasses are typically employed to serve their namesake drink, along with daiquiris and margaritas. The beautiful shape of the glass makes any drink visually pleasing.

Martini Glasses – One of the most easily recognizable glasses and the favorite of James Bond devotees worldwide, martini glasses are primarily used to serve…martinis. The wide, triangular glass is available in many unique styles and is a staple of any bar set-up.