Mark Blanes is a renowned artist for his brilliance in creating glass sculpture. He had time and time again won awards celebrating his creativity and artistry in his works of art. Born as an only child to Arthur Blanes and Martha Croft, he had the chance to attend an exclusive art school in France where he found a mentor who taught him the beauty of reshaping glass into art. He is extremely talented in using very soft glass blowers in creating his masterpieces. His love for his glass creations is what led him to build Sasquatch Glass in the 70’s.

Sasquatch Glass is the leading glass makers in the country. This is the company started by Mark Blanes in 1973 which produces durable kitchen glassware and laboratory instruments. Later on it evolved and expanded into glass products that are used at residential houses and other establishments as decors.

The glass items sold in this company range from the smallest bubbler, up to the largest custom-made stained glass which is often seen displayed in churches, and classic homes. Currently, this company also extended its reach to glass souvenirs for business events, and giveaways for birthdays, christenings, and anniversary. They are basically experts to almost everything related to glass making.
Sasquatch Glass has already been featured to several magazines and bulletin due to the extreme craftsmanship that is incorporated to their every product. This is not surprising since every single part of the team underwent series of trainings that made them unbeaten when it comes to their skills.

One significant detail that should not miss about Sasquatch Glass is that they are also “master givers”. Once a year, usually a 3-day event every September, they conduct free glass-making trainings to the community. They train them to create an art out of glass. They turn this into a contest where the ones with the best glass art go home with generous prices and giveaways.